Our 2 month tour for the State of Mississippi was a HUGE success! What great people we met along the way! From young kids with aspirations of being musicians to 96 year old Grandmas who tell funny jokes and want to learn to play harmonica!!! 

Thanks to all who participated in the hard work it takes to do something like this! Drew Young in particular and the film staff that followed us around! I'm gonna miss you fellas following me around!

I can't say enough good, well, GREAT things about my fellow musicians...Rambling Steve Gardner, Bill Steber (aka Hambone Willie) and Wes Lee (Mr. Tone)! Thank you for inviting me on this journey and making me sound better than I am!! Love y'all!

Hopefully, we'll be doing this again in some form later this year. Until then, we each have our own solo gigs going. And some of us all gather as a duo and trio at some upcoming festivals.